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Elisabeth Plum   

How to bridge differences - between people, disciplines, organisations and nationalities ... between cultures

Plum & Co is the name of my company because I often work with wise people from my huge professional network in Denmark and Europe.

I help companies in two main areas

Development of organisations and management
Management Training
Change Management
Process consultation
Personal leadership development
Mediation and Conflict resolution

Intercultural development
Cultural Intelligence - A new initiative
with a new global programme in cultural intelligence designed for business leaders to enhance their ablility to work in culturally complex situations e.g. innovative processes, mergers and cross-national teams.

Beyond Diversity - A strategic review of the company's Diversity Management policy and initiatives. How to get more coherence into the DM work and more valuable and tangible outcome.

The fairy-tale of the five pencils

A story of practical diversity management written by Peter Høgsted, CEO of IKEA, UK and Elisabeth Plum.
Please download the booklet here.